Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Travel Chart Stand

One thing leads to another, so of course my new tote bag needed a really cool chart holder. I mean, there I am, at a workshop or traveling. I open my tote bag and take out my project, but I still have to struggle with my chart. I saw a plastic project case on line that wasn't quite what I wanted. Then fortune struck: I went to Target! I found a plastic portfolio and realized that I could customize it for my very own project case. I bought a metal magnetic chart board, Velcro squares, and some self-stick magnets. I put the stiff Velcro on the back of the board and the soft Velcro on both the inside and outside of the front cover. I stick the board on the inside of the case for travel, but I can also use it like that by just propping it open on a table - like an airplane tray table. I can put the board on the outside front of the portfolio and then stand it up to hold it in place or prop it open with a stick like I did in the photo. I stuck the strip magnets along the inside to hold threaded needles. One more powerful magnet at the bottom secures my scissors. I'll probably have to tweak this a bit after I've "field-tested" it.

Green Tote Bag

Some weeks ago, I ran across the blog Hooked on Needles with a wonderful tote bag tutorial. It looked like it would be really great for stitching workshops or traveling. I hadn't sewn anything up in quite some time but decided to give it a try. The tutorial made it really easy.

Look! I made it have a little pocket on the outside just right for a boarding pass, cause I always seem to lose it in my purse and panic at the gate. It has a zippered extension that will protect larger projects on up to 16x18 inch stretcher bars with room for threads and accessories.

Inside, I have two pockets on one side and three on the other. Yes, that is a big floss bobbin box in one big pocket and Mag Eyes in the other. This bag will hold my stitching supplies, my battery-powered Ott light, and a good-sized project.