Monday, December 5, 2011

Tirol Haus in Williamsburg, Virginia

My husband and I are here for the Grand Illumination and we're having a great time. The colonial area was really crowded but everyone seemed to be in a good mood. The rest of the weekend has been filled with some shopping and eating out. Before we left home I told Al that I had only two requirements, that we go slow while I am still recuperating and that I had to go to Tirol Haus needlework shop.

Tirol Haus is located in a shopping center that looks like a little village. There are a few restaurants open for lunch in the center and a McDonalds next to the complex. Drive around until you find the cheese shop at one end and you'll be near Tirol Haus. The cheese shop also sells good sandwiches and wine so plan to have lunch or an afternoon relaxation break on the same trip. There is a quilt shop and yarn shop and several antique stores in the same complex.

On entering the shop, I saw a lot of finished models. Marilyn Levitt Imblum and Nora Corbett designs are about one-third of the models, more current samplers are another third, and a variety of other designs are the last third. On display is the Marbek Nativity which I've never seen anywhere else. After dragging my eyes from the wall, I saw that the shop was clean and really well organized. One end has a few collectibles but the rest of the space is for needlework. There is a really good selection of precut fabric from ornament cuts all the way to fat quarters, from Aida to fine-count linen. There are several spinner racks of various threads. I saw Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Au Ver A Soie, Cresent Colors, Rainbow Gallery and Threadworx. There were a very few canvas pieces, mostly Christmas related. They carry stretcher bars and hoops but not Qsnaps. While there are few kits I got the sense that beginner stitchers are welcome and will receive help getting started. The shop was really busy because the Just Cross Stitch Williamsburg group was in for the weekend but the employees still took the time each customer needed.

I want to thank my husband for being so patient. I spent 1 1/2 hours in the shop and he didn't complain at all. But then he decided to walk from Williamsburg to Jamestown, a mere 11.5 miles, and I had to drive out to pick him up so we're even now, honey.