Completed Projects

 1Corinthians 13 by My Big Toe using the recommended threads. I love the frame! This was given to my husband for Christmas, though it wasn't much of a surprise since he'd been watching me work on it for months.
 1Corinthians Wedding Sampler by Stoney Creek for my daughter and her husband. There is lots and lots of blending filament in this.
 Box Project, lid design parts 1 and 2 from Around the World in 80 Stitches by Papillon Creations
 Cat by Prairie Moon
 Ghoul School by Glendon Place. The character heads are buttons and I've learned to stitch them on much more firmly in the future as they've begun falling off!
 This was from a special insert in Just Cross Stitch Magazine. It is stitched over 1 and over 2 on 36 count fabric.
 A perforated paper project by Mill Hill. I added glow-in-the-dark filament to the ghost. It's not Halloween until I take this into the laundry room and watch the ghost glow!

 Fabric piece by Mill Hill. I liked the way it looded on the stretcher bars so much I left it like that instead of having it framed.
 Lacis Monogram by Stoney Creek from a class taught at the CATS seminars in Riverside, California.
 A Halloween piece from Birds of a Feather. "When this you see remember me when my mortal body doth decay and lie wormy in the clay." See the worms in the skeleton? Cool!
 Scared Silly from Birds of a Feather.
 A sampler from the Abecedarian. "When this you see remember me when my mortal body doth decay and lie wormy in the clay until the lord doth bid me come." Gruesome. Those Victorians were pretty on the outside and mad gothic on the inside.
Happiest Celebration on Earth by Stoney Creek, exclusive to the Art of Disney. My son was a theme park enthusiast for a while and loved all the parks, not only Disneyland. I made this for him. The castle is all dressed up for Disneyland's 50th anniversary. All those swirls in the sky and the garlands on the castle are all with blending filament.

 "A Williamsburg Illumination" as a gift for my husband. This isn't the Governor's Palace, it the reflection of fireworks on the Governor's Palace!

Christmas Stockings for my family. All are felt embroidery except Jonathan's, which is an all-over cross stitch from "A Cross Stitch Christmas/Season of Joy" book.

 Love and Laughter by Amaryllis Artworks. This came through a Baldy View EGA meeting. Each flower in the border is a different stitch. I won a 1st prize for this at the 2018 Shoreline Stitcher's Showcase.

House of Hardanger by Patricia Andrle/Counted Illuminations. This is a Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine that was so sought after by stitchers. Bucilla made it into a kit, which I bought from an eBay seller. The front hardanger piece is 25-count Dublin linen and the back fabric is 18-count Hardanger. It was super fun to stitch. It won a 2nd place ribbon at the 2018 Shoreline Stitcher's Showcase.
 This is a Hardanger Candle Runner from a Nordic Needle Award Winners book. The designer was Terri Capps. What a lovely design. To my genuine surprise and delight, it won both a 1st place ribbon and Best of Class for non-sampler counted work at the 2018 Shoreline Stitcher's Showcase.

This lovely is And They Sinned  by Examplar Dames using the suggested threads. This won a 1st place ribbon at the Shoreline Stitcher's Showcase in 2018.

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