Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mixed Metals Peyote Cuff

So I'm spending a few days in Ventura on a personal stitching retreat. It's great to have serious uninterrupted time to stitch. This next project was a fund raiser from the Pacific Southwest Region EGA last year. 
It's called "Corrugated Mixed Metals Color Ribbon Peyote Cuff" designed by Sand Fibers by Carol Dean Sharpe. I've got another inch or so and the bead weaving will be done. Size 11 Delica beads and size 11 Toho beads are used to get this great texture.  I went to Creative Castle and picked up a clasp for it yesterday so I should have a second piece completed on this retreat. Yippee!

Today is the opening day for the Ventura County Fair. I'm going over to check out the needlework and other craft entries. More yippee!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Winner's Circle

I was privileged to participate in a pilot class for a beaded project. When a designer has a new teaching project, they hold a pilot class to make sure that the supplies and written directions for future classes are correct. Carolyn Sherman has designed a necklace she will be teaching at the EGA national seminar in Louisville and it is just lovely.
It is called "Winners Circle." I haven't done much beading but her class was great and I was able to complete the piece on my own. I thought that that big ring was beaded around a plastic shaper or something. Nope, it's just bead weaving with needle and thread. Once again, I am awed by the creativity of a designer. I've seen the components this necklace uses but would never NEVER have imagined using them this way. Her seminar students are in for a real treat.