Monday, March 4, 2013

Christmas in March

I seem to have Christmas in my needlework right now. I signed up for the Santa's Village series from Country Cottage and am doing a SAL with a local group. I'll post pictures soon. I also just finished up four ornaments. The first three are a set of perforated paper gingerbread houses from the book "A Cross-Stitch Christmas: Handmade Holiday," and they have lots of beads.

Here is the first one. I added the Santa buttons for fun. I had three red bird buttons so each ornament got a bird.

Then there is this next little house. I opted for snowflakes on the roof. The bird is tucked on the back by the snowman.

This last one has a snowman button in the doorway on the front and it's little bird perched on the doorway. I have two different trees on the back. These little guys were more work than I'd anticipated but they were fun to make!

Then this ornament is actually a pattern from by EGA magazine of December 2011. My local EGA chapter, Baldy View, gave us all the materials for this as a gift. The kit even included precut cardstock, padding, and backing material. They even twisted up floss for the cording! Thanks, guys! It turned out really cute!