Monday, March 4, 2013

Christmas in March

I seem to have Christmas in my needlework right now. I signed up for the Santa's Village series from Country Cottage and am doing a SAL with a local group. I'll post pictures soon. I also just finished up four ornaments. The first three are a set of perforated paper gingerbread houses from the book "A Cross-Stitch Christmas: Handmade Holiday," and they have lots of beads.

Here is the first one. I added the Santa buttons for fun. I had three red bird buttons so each ornament got a bird.

Then there is this next little house. I opted for snowflakes on the roof. The bird is tucked on the back by the snowman.

This last one has a snowman button in the doorway on the front and it's little bird perched on the doorway. I have two different trees on the back. These little guys were more work than I'd anticipated but they were fun to make!

Then this ornament is actually a pattern from by EGA magazine of December 2011. My local EGA chapter, Baldy View, gave us all the materials for this as a gift. The kit even included precut cardstock, padding, and backing material. They even twisted up floss for the cording! Thanks, guys! It turned out really cute!


  1. Oh my gosh, they are so cute!

  2. You out did yourself Ruth! I LOVE your Gingerbread Houses. There are soooo soooo cute! I would display these houses all year round - Honest. They should not be packed away till Christmas. Oh they are Sweet. I just have to keep looking at them. You did an amazing job of finishing them. What a beautiful Christmas Tree ornament too! Now I will hunt this book down:) Thank you for sharing ruth.
    love Annette

    1. I agree! These are amazing and shouldn't be hidden!!

  3. Your gingerbread houses are adorable! I hope you bring them to the next GTG so we can all oooh and aahhh over them!