Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Part Complete

Here is Around the World in 80 Stitches, Part 4. It's smaller than the previous parts and I thought it was nice to have a bit of a "breather." It's so nice to have this all current.

Here is the whole piece so far. I think it has a bit of a garden feel.

This is "Area 2" of Part 4. The blue diamond is Romanian stitch and the butterflies and hearts are variations of Hungarian stitch.

Here's "Area 2" of Part 4. The leaves are Romanian leaf stitch and the yellow flowers are Hungarian stitch. The pink square "flowers" on both parts are a simple ray stitch. I like that! When I think of a flower it gets really complicated in my head, but here are essentially several simple straight stitches that overlap each other and yet  translate into "flower." I find that interesting.

I'm still working on that box project. As soon as I FINALLY have it completed I'll post pictures.


  1. You are such an expert, Ruth! I love seeing all the wonderful stitches. But I'm lazy and will stick with plain old X's. LOL

  2. LOVE ALL YOUR STITCHING! Fantastic! I have to go back and keep looking at you beautiful progress. And of course when I get to go back and work on my Around the world - I will be coming back to see & study your work for sure.
    Love Annette