Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spooky Halloween Mantle

I am enjoying a few days of stitching bliss. 

Day 1 start. This kit from Bent Creek actually came in three parts. It's done on 18-count linen over 2 threads with pearl cotton so it goes pretty fast. That a photo of the finished design at the bottom.

Here is the end of day 1. My owl now can fly and see and the cat must contend with a spider. I'm stitching in hand (without a hoop or frame). I may switch over to a charity project because I have time constraints on that and, since I won't get this done in time for Halloween this year anyway, I should save it for doing on an upcoming plane trip.

I'm really proud that I've finally figured out how to update my blog from my iPad. Now I can update when I'm out of town!


  1. The Halloween Mantle looks wonderful! I'm sure you could do your charity piece and finish this one in time for Halloween, too!

    1. I can probably get it stitched. However, finished is another thing. (sigh)

  2. i really like this, very pretty - hope you find more time to stitch, sounds like you are busy