Saturday, September 12, 2015

Back in Ventura

Wow, I really thought I'd posted in the past several months. My good intentions really count for absolutely nothing. That explains my diet attempts.


I have finished some things over the past YEAR since I last posted and will get some photos and descriptions up when I get back home. Yup, I'm back at the timeshare in Ventura California. It is so nice and quiet here. It is supposed to be my personal stitching retreat so here's what I've got.

This is the Hapsburg Lace Sampler by Tanja Berlin. My 
EGA chapter Baldy View is stitching this as our chapter project. 

As you can see, I did not clean up for the photo. Also, that gum container is to store my pearl cotton balls to they don't go careening around the room. I finally can justify loving gum. I chose to stitch my project in colors favored by the designer.  It is spun gold Valdani pearl cotton on black 18-count canvas. The canvas edge isn't taped because I wanted to get started and didn't have the right kind of tape so now it is getting ragged and rough. If I was using floss or God forbid silk or a twitchy thread it would be a problem but I think it is acceptable with the pearl. It is working up really pretty. It has a lot of eyelets and even on what she calls double cross stitches and what everyone else calls smyrnas, you need to really pull to get a good neat look. The white towel serves as a contrast so I can see the black canvas threads.

While I was here, I made a trip to 
A Thread Garden in Camarillo. The shop has a good collection of Rainbow Gallery threads, Kreinik threads, and many other lines, but most importantly they have the entire color line of Presencia cotton threads, both the floss and the pearl. I don't know about the size 3, but they have the pearl in 5, 8, 12, and an amazing 16! This way, if you want to convert a design using pearl from 18-count canvas to 24-count congress, you can still use pearl cotton. And it is in a wonderful color range as well. The threads are long-staple Egyptian cotton. With other line cutting back on their pearl lines, having a good source of pearl colors here in Southern California is absolutely delightful.

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