Friday, February 12, 2016

Progress on Sampler Au Bouquet

 Sampler au Bouquet by Jardin Privé is being stitched by a group on Facebook. It's officially part of my rotation along with the Butterfly, but I'm liking this so much that I'm pretty much just stitching this. So much for a rotation plan.

January 23
February 12

I have a start on the alphabet on the right side and those lovely dark pink flowers. Another stitcher on the SAL is doing her piece on hardanger and the colors really pop much more than on my linen.

I got interested in this project because of two finishing photos that people found on the web. They are both so pretty. Remember, click on a photo to see it larger. It's so fun seeing different finishing techniques. It really comes down to using a handle.

 This finished piece is from

So pretty, so pretty. Imagine this with a glass handle, or even a big 'ole glass doorknob kind of thing.

This is really great, too. More stitching for the lid, but a beautifully done piece. Like a shaker box done just right.

Back to stitching!

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