Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Finish!

I actually completed this in November. It's 1 Corinthians 13 by My Big Toe Designs and was a blast to stitch. I picked up the materials from Nordic Needle during a retreat there a few years ago and worked on this on and off for about two years. Now, every project (and needlework is no exception) has three parts to it: Preparation, Completion, and Finishing. Preparation is gathering the materials and planning out how you're going to begin the project, such as starting in the middle vs. in a corner, any color changes from the charted design, over 1 or 2 threads, etc. Completion is actually stitching the project. Finishing is getting the project into its final form, such as framing it or making it into a pillow or something else. It's interesting to me how many stitchers favor one step over the others, such as the folks with 20+ works in progress (WIP) because they LOVE starting a new piece, or the people who won't do any prep work but have their LNS pull the threads, mount the project on a frame, and even select a bag to store it all in (my guess is they are favorite customers). So many stitchers, however, seem to struggle most with the stage of finishing. So many of us have lots of stitched projects sitting in a box or drawer and completely unusable! So, here I am documenting the finishing stage of this piece.

Here it is, fresh and wrinkly from my hands.

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