Sunday, July 22, 2012

Around the World Part 2

 In an earlier post, I talked about how I'd decided to restart Around the World in 80 Stitches as I was unhappy with my fabric and thread choices. I finally got the new one finished! Here are both my original piece done on 32-count antique white fabric on top and the new piece done on 28-count fabric ecru fabric on the bottom. You can see the difference in thread color in the edge of the left heart and the big flower in the lower tulip.

 After I told an EGA friend about my decision and my dismay about my wasted time, she suggested a use for the original piece that I really liked so I decided to finish it up. I did the "no-cut" hardanger and used petite green and gold beads on it. Now that I can see the effect of those color of beads, It sparkles!

 Here is the new version. Since I am working this on Q-snaps I won't put the beads on until I'm done with all the stitching. I worked the hardanger as cutwork.
 The hardanger was fun to do. You can see the coral Queen's Stitch flower to the left of the heart and the Danish Knot pink flower to the heart's right. To get the hardanger to "pop" more I used B5200 instead of plain white.

Here is a square done in Mordvinian Star Stitch. This stitch has three parts:  first you stitch the outline, then a pulled eyelet over that, then a pulled square stitch. I kept forgetting the do that last step! Both this square and the heart were restitched at least once. I did this as a pulled stitch to get the lacy effect. Though I kept messing up I like the end result.

 I bought this fabric from 123Stitch and I HIGHLY recommend this shop. I ordered the fabric late Saturday evening and I received it in the mail on Tuesday. It was serged and labeled. What great service!


  1. Looks great Ruth. There's no point in stitching on something as long term as ATW if you're not happy with your choices, glad you restarted. It does look quite different.

  2. Oh your progress is stunning Ruth. Gorgeous! I've discovered that I prefer B5200 instead of white as well. I'm way behind but I will get caught up but not for a while yet. I sure loving seeing what you've stitched. Great Job!

  3. Both pieces look gorgeous to me! Good for you for starting over so you can finish something you love. Your specialty stitches are amazing.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I'm really enjoying this piece, though I feel like I'm stitching it over and over. Each section on both the first and second attempts has been stitched, frogged, and stitched again.