Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cross Stitch Cupboard

I returned from Florida where I had a great time. A few days later, we headed for a week in San Diego where my timeshare-crazy husband had booked us a unit for the July 4th holiday. So between laundry loads, I am finally getting a chance to post. The picture quality isn't that great because all I had was my phone camera.

I visited a wonderful little shop in Fort Lauderdale called Cross Stitch Cupboard and had a really nice chat with the owner. She and some partners established the shop over 30 years ago as one of the first shops in the area to offer cross stitch supplies. The shop has expanded to offer a selection of non-needlework gift items such as Vera Bradley bags, different candles, and lots of nice quality home items. This is what you see when you enter the shop. Move to the back and you see this:

 Lots of needlework! The shop has a TON of models! The walls were covered with them  Turning the corner found you facing yet another display, like this seasonal display of July 4th pieces. The shop also has a fantastic selection of premade frames and a frame shop. In addition to the standard DMC and Anchor, they also carried a pretty good selection of specialty threads. The shop specializes in cross stitch but does have a few needlework canvases available. They carry a lot of hoops, just a very few stretcher bars, and no q-snaps that I could find. They had a Rocky Giraffe floor stand for sale and a LOT of "stitcher toys," the little items that make stitching more fun. The shop looks really crowded in the photos but it was clean and well organized.

The owner was concerned that this would be an ugly photo, but I wanted you to see the 26, yes 26 spinner racks stuffed with charts. Most of the slots in the racks contained at least two different designs, with many of them older designs. This may be the most charts I've ever seen in a single place. If you are looking for an older chart, you might want to give the shop a call.  Among other items, they had 22 copies of the highly sought after Angel of Cross Stitch. More spinner racks of charts and small kits were scattered around the shop.

One fun thing the shop was doing while I was there was a contest. Customers brought in pieces that were separated into categories, given a number, and hung on the wall. For a few weeks, anyone who came in and spent $2.95 or more on needlework items could vote for their favorite in each category and the best overall piece.  Here's a photo of the "medium" and "large" items. See the fabric in the bookcase? That is only a portion of the precut fabric they have available. Rolls of fabric were on more shelves and in the corner.

Here are the "extra-large" pieces. They are all the Heaven and Earth/Kustom Kraft/Mystic Stitch type of project.Charts for most of the contest pieces included these massive projects was on yet another spinner rack nearby. See the peacocks on the left? Yup, got the chart!

I remembered visiting a few years ago and am so glad that it is just as wonderful as I remembered. The staff was friendly and very helpful. While the shop might be overwhelming for a new stitcher, they have a broad selection of beginner level items. Because of the gift shop area in front, you can bring non-stitchy friends too, though this is NOT a shop for children. It's a little far to come from Orlando (which has it's own great shop called the Black Sheep) but is an easy drive from the Miami area/ Cross Stitch Cupboard is located at 1600 Northeast 26 Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33305, phone (800)572-4153.

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  1. You're probably no longer in San Diego but I wish I had found you earlier.

    I would have taken you to a couple of nice shops.

    Let me know when you're returning.

    I bought my timeshare the month after my DH died so get to use it wherever Wyndham is. - email me from there!